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Your knee is a shockingly essential joint for your body and is surrounded by means of tendons and connective tissue that be in agreement to strengthen the joint. The IT (iliotibial) band is a thick band of fascia that runs deep along the outside of your hip and extends for your outer knee and shinbone.

IT band syndrome occurs from overuse and repetitive movements, leading to pain, irritation, and inflammation for your knee, surrounding tendons, and the IT band itself.

This band originates at the gluteus maximus, crosses the hip joint, and extends down the lateral thigh to insert the tibia (shin bone). The IT band stabilizes the knee and hip during movement and movements like running.

Tightness and inflexibility in this band might reason various indicators, at the side of lateral knee pain, hip pain, and pain throughout the lateral aspect of the thigh.

The IT band is susceptible to tightness and harm because it’s long, crosses two joints (hip and knee), and is steadily underneath energy from repetitive running mechanics.

IT Band Exercises to Alleviate Hip and Knee Pain

Below, you will to find some great IT band workouts that can be in agreement relieve hip and knee aches as a result of IT band issues.

1. Glutes Stretch

The glute stretch will building up flexibility throughout the hip flexors, which is in a position to function knee aches when they are tight and no longer flexible enough to strengthen the movement of the leg as it swings forward during running or walking.

Making improvements to flexibility in the ones muscle teams will be in agreement to them switch additional merely, which is in a position to moreover be in agreement prevent knee pain. The glute stretch will also be environment friendly in treating patellar tendonitis or “jumper’s knee.”

How you can do it:
• To do the glute stretch, get began by means of lying to your once more.
• Bend one knee and place it flat at the flooring.
• Ship the other leg up in opposition to your chest and straighten it to strengthen your self on one arm and the bottom of your foot.
• Tighten your abdominal muscle teams and tuck your bottom (left) ft underneath.
• Push together with your left foot to straighten out your correct leg.
• Hang this position for 15-30 seconds and repeat numerous events.

2. Forward Fold with Crossed Legs

The forward fold with crossed legs stretches your hamstrings and your hip flexors.

Tight hamstrings, hips, and once more might reason aches throughout the knees. This exercise helps to stretch your hamstrings, freeing tension on the IT band, which runs from the hip down the outside of the leg and round essentially the most smart of the knee. It’s going to be in agreement and prevent patellofemoral syndrome (runner’s knee).

How you can do it:
• Stand together with your feet shoulder-width apart.
• Bend forward at the waist with an straight away once more and hands by means of your sides.
• Bend your knees fairly as you lower your self against the bottom as far as you are able to with out bending forwards from the waist.
• Keep your head in keeping with your spine, neck, and shoulders straight away.
• Hang for a few seconds previous than returning to the standing position.
• Repeat for an entire of 6-8 repetitions, alternating legs each time you do it.
• To make this exercise tougher, dangle a weight within the front of you in all places the movement to artwork deep into your gluteal muscle teams.

3. Supine IT Band Stretch

The supine IT band stretch will also be fairly really useful for those in search of to do away with hip and knee aches.

How you can do it:
• Lie flat to your once more with one leg extended and the other bent at the knee.
• Cross your extended leg over your bent leg and place your foot at the floor.
• Pull your bent knee in opposition for your chest until you feel a stretch along your outside thigh house.
• Hang for spherical 20-30 seconds, and then switch legs and repeat.

4. Standing IT Band Stretch

The standing IT band stretch is an easy exercise that can be carried out at anywhere and anytime. It is most productive when carried out after warming up.

How you can do it:
• To perform this stretch, dangle onto a strong object with one hand (comparable to a chair) for balance and use the other hand to drag the affected leg once more in the back of you from a at ease point of view.
• You’ll have to in reality really feel this stretch for your hips and thighs, then again no longer any such lot that it becomes painful.
• Hang this stretch for more or less 15-30 seconds, and then repeat on each side on numerous events.

5. Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a brand spanking new development on this planet of physically remedy that’s been catching on lately. It’s a tool used to healing therapeutic massage deep down throughout the muscle teams, which helps with muscle recovery and flexibility.

How you can do it:
• First, to find the right kind place to roll out where you have got enough room round you on the floor to position down.
• You wish to have to to find the reason for problems, that are the knots for your muscle teams that may be causing you pain.
• Roll from side to side over your muscle teams until you feel tightness or tenderness to hunt out your reason problems.
• Should you roll on a reason degree, continue rolling it out so as to liberate the knot or calm down the tightness you’re experiencing

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