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The Complete Moon in Leo Reminds You Who You Really Are

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The Complete Moon in Leo, which takes position February 16, 2022, all the time brings with it spontaneity, play, and the need to hook up with our middle, the middle of our being. With Leo’s power governing the entire Moon, we’re reminded to really feel who we truly are.

We’re each and every distinctive in our personal method, with abilities that want to be commemorated and shared with the ones round us. The Leo complete Moon is a time to seek out your message and ship it to the arena. Leo is the regal lion of the zodiac. It embodies the energies of management, compassion, vulnerability, power, and love. Leo is the signal of kings and queens and reminds us that each and every folks has the prospective to steer others during the complete expression of ourselves. We should, regardless that, be prepared to be observed. Kings and queens are in most cases the focal point in any room and assured sufficient to absorb that house. From this platform, they lead. They proportion their power. Really feel into your willingness to absorb the distance you deserve this complete Moon, and use that house to proportion your presents with others.

Leo teaches us that listening to our hearts can take braveness. As a way to really feel and enlarge the sure vibrations of the center, we should even be prepared to really feel and perceive the whole lot else the center holds. We can not open our hearts and really feel most effective the good stuff. Our hearts comprise all of our emotions, together with our pleasure, love, compassion, and gratitude. It additionally holds our ache, remorseful about, and concern. We need to take all of it in, which may make us really feel scared, susceptible, or even ashamed. Leo teaches us to turn up for ourselves with braveness and power. It reminds us that we will be able to face the rest. It additionally teaches us that love starts with accepting all portions of ourselves.

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What the entire Moon in Leo method

Astrological energies, like feelings, have a decrease and a better vibration. Call to mind each and every zodiac signal as a spectrum of frequencies. We align with a selected zodiac frequency at other issues of our lives and tackle its ensuing qualities in thoughts, frame, and spirit. The counterpart to the ego is the upper Self. Leo’s upper frequencies come with the qualities of a benevolent chief. Leo aligns us with the vibrations of braveness, compassion, empathy, and honor. After we song in to this top aspect of Leo, we pay attention the messages of our hearts with out judgment. We pay attention with most effective unconditional love. We wholeheartedly love and settle for each and every side of ourselves. Moreover, we specific ourselves absolutely to the arena with out concern of rejection. On this top state of Leo, we include the arrogance and poise of a perfect chief who accepts approval however does no longer rely upon it. We discover our best possible Self and proportion that individual with the arena, unrestricted by way of the ego.

When running with the vibrations of Leo, we arise towards the ego, which is Leo’s shadow. The ego is the a part of us that yearns to be outlined by way of one thing. It’s how we determine ourselves, together with the conditioned patterns we’ve got shaped about who we’re on this lifestyles. It is usually our inside critic, our self-defeating ideas, and the a part of us that feels separated from others. The ego can get in the way in which folks discovering and expressing our true selves. It attaches to concepts of ways we “will have to” behave on the planet and the way others “will have to” obtain us.

After we align with Leo’s shadow aspect, we develop into challenging, want approval, and really feel insecure. We search exterior validation as a substitute of feeling our energy. We will be able to even motive drama in our lives and the lives of others to realize the eye we want to really feel safe inside ourselves. This decrease vibration of Leo disconnects us from our hearts and aligns us with the delusions of the ego. We latch onto our identities and omit that we’re beings manufactured from natural love, able to deep compassion and limitless pleasure. Spend a while serious about the place you can be aligning with those vibrations. Face up to the urge to pass judgement on your self. Judgment can drop you into a fair decrease vibration. As an alternative, settle for those portions of your self and produce them on your mindful consciousness. Whilst you develop into acutely aware of your shadow facets, there may be the potential of them to now not keep watch over you.

The ego’s gasoline is concern, and it could possibly steadily lead us down darkish paths of desiring consistent validation and approval of what we specific to the arena. The ego’s function will have to be to inspire us, remind us of our function when wanted, and assist us serve as in society. Nevertheless it will have to no longer lead our lives. In this complete Moon, we’ve got the chance to acknowledge when the ego has taken the reins and, in its effort to outline our lifestyles, closed the entire expression of the center.

What the entire Moon in Leo with the Solar in Aquarius method

Right through this Leo complete Moon, we’re running with the power of Aquarius, the place the Solar is located. Leo and Aquarius oppose each and every different within the sky and vary energetically in some ways. However in addition they have many similarities. This complete Moon is a chance to seek out their commonplace floor and harness their mixed power that will help you create the breakthroughs had to step into your middle and your best possible Self.

All through this complete Moon, ask your self the way you may well be aligned with the decrease vibration of each and every signal. After we include Aquarius’s decrease vibrations, we develop into overly judgmental and demanding of others, particularly the ones in authority positions. As an alternative of serving to trade what we don’t like on the planet, we bitch and detach from the arena. We disconnect from the vibration of affection and acceptance and develop into aloof. We withhold our power whilst performing awesome to everybody round us. Understand if there are any puts to your lifestyles the place you can be aligning with those decrease vibrations and, once more with out judgment, settle for them. Accepting them will permit you to recognize the conduct. Thru this consciousness, you are going to shift it and in finding Aquarius’s upper vibrations. After we step into the best possible frequencies of Aquarius, we will be able to really feel the countless connection between the Universe and us. We remember the fact that we’re only one a part of a larger collective. We need to give a contribution our power to creating the arena a greater position by way of connecting with the vibration of affection and acceptance.

After we align with Leo’s and Aquarius’s best possible vibrations, we faucet into our best possible Self. When shifting from the upper self, there is not any want to evaluate or compete with others. We don’t really feel lack of confidence, lack, or unworthiness. After we function from the upper Self, we’re all the time hooked up to the center’s message. We don’t want to distract ourselves from our emotions, for we remember the fact that the actual nature of ourselves is love and attractiveness. From this position, we really feel fulfilled in our lives and are assured in who we’re and the whole lot we do as a result of we’re continuously shifting from the center. We now not fear about rejection or approval from others. To stay focused inside the upper Self, we want to be deeply acutely aware of when the ego takes over, then redirect our power towards upper vibrations of compassion, love, and connection. Aligning with the upper Self lets in us to honor our true essence without having approval.

After we shift clear of the decrease vibrations of each Leo and Aquarius, we make house for the upper ones. We now have the chance with this pair to vibrate to a better stage than ever earlier than. We discover ways to specific ourselves from a spot of affection and gratitude as a substitute of a spot of judgment or neediness. We include the actual age of Aquarius, by which everybody contributes their distinctive abilities whilst running in combination for the great of everybody on this planet. Take some time this complete Moon to really feel what you need to provide to the arena and courageously create a lifestyles that embodies its message.

Different astrological facets throughout the entire Moon in Leo

In this complete Moon, we’ve got all planets stationed direct, from February 3 till April 29. When there are not any planets retrograde, power strikes temporarily round us. We really feel motivated, plans spread very easily, and the longer term turns out filled with chances. We may also tackle too many tasks or overcommit ourselves as we lean into the abundance of power.

Understand how the forward-moving power impacts you on and across the complete Moon. Align with Leo’s energy to really feel your middle and what it needs. Make your commitments from this position. Additionally, understand what your middle is announcing no to to your lifestyles. Liberate the rest that doesn’t align together with your middle, as you will have stated sure to objects for causes rather then your middle. With all planets shifting direct, the whole lot turns out imaginable to the thoughts. You’ll know which commitments will nonetheless resonate together with your soul after the summer season’s sequence of planetary retrogrades start.

Know that you’ll all the time make a path correction in your trail. This complete Moon is the easiest time to try this. What is supposed for you’ll by no means pass over you. It can be behind schedule, otherwise you would possibly not comprehend it’s going down this present day, however your karma is yours. If one thing does no longer align together with your middle, make the adjustment you want with braveness and the willingness to really feel. Recognize the place you’re apprehensive and in finding techniques to let your middle lead you ahead to new territory. Align together with your lifestyles’s trail this complete Moon thru your middle.

We now have any other vital side this complete Moon. Venus and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn, merging our love and our willingness to battle for it. With Venus and Mars in combination, it’s a time to dedicate all of your self on your middle. Really feel into what you’re prepared to visit conflict over to align together with your upper Self. What are you able to damage down inside your self to provide method in your middle to steer? With those planets touchdown in Capricorn, they upload a major edge to this complete Moon. Permit their assembly to merge either side of you and in finding team spirit inside your power. Center of attention on strolling the trail of your middle on your upper Self.

What to try this complete moon in Leo

In finding a while to sit down with your self and pay attention. Really feel into what you’ve have shyed away from or close down to your middle. Be open to finding out. Pay attention with out the thoughts and its ideas interfering. We steadily suppose the thoughts is the middle of our beings, but it surely’s no longer. The thoughts wish to trick us into pondering it’s in keep watch over, however the middle is the person who leads us ahead on our paths. The guts is aware of the course we should commute to align with lifestyles’s function, and the center is aware of how one can faucet into the countless knowledge of the Universe. The thoughts is solely alongside for the experience.

Stay your focal point in your middle, the place your whole solutions lie. Really feel into who you’re on the heart of your self, past the myriad of ideas that move thru your awareness. Buckle down and do the feelings to the reality of you. Really feel what is helping you attach on your pleasure and aligns you together with your soul’s adventure. Such a lot of solutions are held inside your middle. The bottom line is to be prepared to really feel the feelings you’d relatively no longer really feel with a purpose to in finding them. Whilst you permit your middle to open, you’ll regulate the vibration it emits to the arena. You can also carry the vibration of the folks round you. By way of opening your middle, you permit it to steer your self and others to the best possible frequency of all: love.

Excerpted from The Leo Complete Moon Workbook by way of Jill Wintersteen.

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