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Are You The usage of the Proper Slicing Board? This is The way to Know

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It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking up in your house kitchen, you’re most probably going to want to pull out a reducing board. Those flexible equipment are completely crucial – positive, you’ll be able to lower the rest on their surfaces, however you’ll be able to additionally use a reducing board as a serving platter, a floor to maintain dough or as a designed prep space. Your forums see day by day use, and so they want to be dependable and sturdy. 

Having a high quality reducing board is vital it doesn’t matter what you’re carving, slicing or prepping. However how are you able to inform the adaptation between a board that’ll ship and one who isn’t value making an investment in? We spoke with Tim and Tanya Reazor, the founders of top rate reducing board corporate 5th & Cherry, to get skilled perception on how to select, make the most of and take care of this key kitchen instrument. 

Subject matter issues greater than chances are you’ll suppose

While you’re choosing out a reducing board, you’ll have an array of various choices in nearly each and every more or less subject matter conceivable. Picket is quite common (and lovely in style), however plastic and bamboo also are to be had in every single place. And chances are you’ll even come throughout some extra distinctive fabrics, like glass, marble or compressed picket.

For those who’re beaten via the sheer quantity of alternatives, you surely aren’t by myself. However you don’t wish to merely accept any reducing board that fits your price range. A board’s subject matter affects now not most effective its sturdiness, but in addition the way it ages, if it’s more likely to expand stains, odors and micro organism, and the sharpness of your knives.

That’s proper: The fabric of your reducing board can adjust a large number of different kitchen equipment and your meals protection too. For this reason you in reality don’t wish to disregard what, precisely, your board is manufactured from.

What’s the most productive subject matter for a reducing board?

In step with Tim and Tanya Reazor, who’re professionals in construction, keeping up and refinishing reducing forums, picket is your only option. 

“There are 3 woods which can be superb reducing surfaces: Maple, which is the preferred for reducing forums, cherry and walnut, which is extra scarce and costly,” Tanya explains. “However there are lots of, many woods at the spectrum which can be simply now not excellent.”

What makes a selected picket range a worthy reducing board selection? It’s all in regards to the picket’s density.

“Other woods have other densities,” Tanya says. “We use ethically sourced North American black cherry. In keeping with density degree, walnut may be throughout the vary of being a excellent reducing board floor. Acacia, bamboo, pink center – those woods sound unique, however they’re too tough or too comfortable and will have an effect on your knives.” 

And while you’re choosing out a picket reducing board, go for one who’s constructed from simply one more or less picket. As Tanya explains, “Checkerboard-patterned reducing forums are stunning, however use other woods. Those other woods, when blended, all have other densities, so that they’re going to put on another way beneath your knives. Woods swell and contract at other charges, which affects the construction of the board, reasons mould to shape and creates gaps.”

So, suppose easy: Go for picket, simply simple ol’ single-variety picket.

Plastic is also in style, however it may be bad on your well being

You understand plastic is terrible for the surroundings and your personal private well being and wellness. And should you’ve been depending on plastic reducing forums, you’re going to wish to eliminate them ASAP. 

“While you’re reducing on plastic, microplastics are going into your meals with each and every lower,” Tim notes. “Some of the fastest tactics to get oil and plastic into your device is to chop on and devour off of a plastic reducing board.”

However the usage of a plastic reducing board within the kitchen isn’t simply unhealthy as it’s made from plastic. The have an effect on will also be even worse than you suppose – and, to be completely fair, utterly gross.

For those who’ve ever used a plastic reducing board, particularly whilst operating with uncooked or cooked meat, you’ve most probably spotted that the fabric can expand stains that by no means appear to leave. “That’s micro organism,” Tim says.

“Other folks suppose plastic is antibacterial,” Tanya explains. “However even dishwashers can’t get plastic reducing forums blank.” And when stains expand to your plastic reducing board, it’s a positive signal that you’ve lingering micro organism striking out that you just can’t eliminate. For those who stay reducing on that board, you’ll run the danger of letting micro organism sneak into the whole lot that touches its floor.

Plus, in step with analysis, plastic reducing forums cling onto the micro organism that grows on their surfaces and within the nooks and crannies of knife cuts. In comparison to picket reducing forums, plastic is the way more bacteria-laden selection. For those who’re hoping to stay micro organism from your kitchen and stale your dinner plate, you received’t wish to paintings with a plastic reducing board.

Skip glass, marble and different too-hard surfaces

They aren’t just about as in style as picket and plastic forums, however reducing forums made from glass and stones (like granite) do exist. Whilst they is also visually interesting, those forums aren’t a sensible selection.

Stone and glass aren’t simply slick and slippery. They’re extremely tough to your knives too. “Slicing on those surfaces will uninteresting your knife in as few as 10 strokes,” Tim issues out.

Board development issues for sturdiness, too

You may now not take into consideration a reducing board’s longevity while you’re looking for one who’ll suit your wishes. However you must – the fewer sturdy a board is, the much more likely it’s to expand deep grooves and cuts out of your knives. And when the ones cuts and grooves seem, they may be able to impact the way in which your knives lower, your personal protection whilst reducing and (like we discussed above) the micro organism that will get into the board.

It’s additionally to take the main points of a board’s development under consideration. Tanya shared 3 of her key main points to search for.

Made in america

A board that’s made in america “most often way you’re getting higher-quality development,” Tanya says. 

Staggered seams

“Staggered seams upload to the energy of the board development,” Tanya notes. “Directly seams are more uncomplicated to split and much more likely to crack, which is why we put metal pins between each and every of our instantly seams (which might be unavoidable in a single course).”

How the board is glued

“Higher producers will use a procedure known as radio frequency gluing, which remedies the glue right away the usage of a radio frequency and permits them to produce extra forums quicker. The problem is that the glue isn’t ready to be absorbed via the picket fibers because it dries, and the glue stays at the floor, which leads to a weaker bone that’s much more likely to crack and separate,” Tanya explains. “We nonetheless hand glue and clamp our forums, which permits for the most powerful conceivable bond.”

You don’t in reality want fancy extras to your reducing board

Lately, you’ll be able to to find reducing forums with with regards to the whole lot added onto their edges or surfaces. Forums with strainers inbuilt, expandable forums that cling over your kitchen sink, forums with rubber grips hooked up to corners, liquid-catching grooves – there’s an unending array of options you’ll be able to go for.

However preserving it easy in reality is highest. A simple, flat reducing floor will paintings for each and every one in all your wishes within the kitchen. Many extras are in reality useless. Simply take rubber toes, as an example. They may be able to build up your board’s steadiness – however additionally they save you you from flipping your board over and using each side. 

“We purposely don’t put toes on our forums as a result of we wish you to turn it,” Tanya says. “Turn it, and it’ll last more; it may be passed down and refinished.”

As a substitute of opting for a complicated (and expensive) reducing board with extras, opt for elementary. If you will upload one additional, a liquid-catching groove is palms down probably the most useful, particularly should you’re often operating with meat or meals that do drain off whilst being lower. Simply needless to say it may be just a little trickier to scrape meals off your board with a groove; you’ll to find stuff will get trapped simply.

Does dimension topic while you’re opting for a reducing board?

Slicing forums for sure are available each and every form and dimension. However dimension most effective issues when it comes down for your personal private personal tastes – and your to be had counter house. 

Small reducing forums are nice for duties like reducing up person culmination or veggies, and even pulling in combination parts of your foods whilst you prep. However medium and big reducing forums even have their very own roles; medium is flexible for completely the whole lot beneath the solar, whilst you’ll want a big board while you’re operating with wide cuts of meat. 

Consider your behavior, what number of people you’re most often cooking for and what sort of to be had counter house it’s a must to use your board on. That may information you relating to dimension. However in any house, having a small board and a medium-to-large board offers you quite a few versatility.

The way to correctly maintain and take care of your reducing board

Whilst picket reducing forums can appear intimidating, they in reality don’t require loads of particular care. If truth be told, taking good care of a high quality picket board is nearly as simple as caring for another kitchen instrument.

All it’s a must to do is wash your reducing board with cleaning soap and sizzling water. You’ll be able to then set your board apart and let it air dry utterly, or totally dry it your self with a blank dish towel. For those who’d like to present your board just a little of additional TLC now and again, you’ll be able to rub it down with a food-safe mineral oil to stop the picket from drying, warping or splitting.

Oh, and don’t ever put your board within the dishwasher. The serious warmth and tough waters of this to hand equipment will utterly smash the picket. 

“Picket does take just a little extra care as a result of you’ll be able to’t put it within the dishwasher,” Tanya notes. “However as an natural subject matter that’s naturally antibacterial, that protects your knives and can closing you now not most effective your lifetime however that of your youngsters, the additional step of handwashing and on occasion conditioning a picket reducing board is definitely value it.”

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